If you want to apply to our clan, you have to check these requirements.

You should:

  • own an internet compatible computer
  • have installed the Teamspeak³ client and use a microphone
  • play one of our games (look here)
  • be an active player
  • be able to speak a few words in German.

If you satisfy these requirements, you can continue reading. The application will be sent via email (RE: application as member).

Alternatively you can talk to one of the hosts, administrators or the leader.

They can give you more information.

The probationary period lasts 2 weeks. You have to be online at least once 4 weeks. Everyone who hasn't been online during this time, gets automaticly removed from of the clan, but you can sign out yourself via email (RE: sign out)

After our reply, you get the rank ''inactive''.

pattern application

General information:
- Ingamename:
- Age:
- TS und Mikrophone availble:


Which Games are do you play (see Tab ''Games''):


Informationen for the Team:
- How did you find us?
- why did you choose us?


Addtional information like hobbies, abilities (e.g. videoediting, etc.) or other personal things aren't  necessary, but are very welcome.